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Monthly Archives: novembris 2012

How to hack Sony Alpha 99, 65, 77 to enable autofocus work in video mode with open apertures wider than f3,5.


This is my very simple, but effective solution:

Fix lens aperture jumping lever in open position: (glue or simple- bend it, to stop moving!)














Every Sony Alpha camera move own in-camera aperture lever to f3,5, when autofocus in video mode enabled, but lens lever actually must move by itself, by spring, located in lens, following by in-camera lever . Till this lever has been fixed, moves only one lever in camera, but lens lever stay in open position. Nothing here to damage this way!














Actually, that is all! Now every Sony Alpha 99, A65, A77 and other models can autofocus with f1.7, but camera thinks it is f3.5 and enable autofocus in video mode! Ha-ha-ha!!! :)














Happy moviemaking, my Sony friend!!! :)

P.S. Camera shows f3,5, but look at lens- in reality it stays wide open, while capturing movie (picture nr.2)!!!